We Are Your Teachers

Feb 25, 2022


I’m tired.

We’re all tired.

This year has been a thang. Weird and wild and wonderful. How can we simultaneously thrive into the next chapter and retreat from it? I don’t know but it seems to be happening.

At our studios, the teachers feel it. This is what happens when you put a bunch of tuned up, plugged in, self aware humans together in a building full of the energy of their students; all of a sudden we feel the deep pull of service and the push of the energetic load of hundreds of people.

Yeah, it sounds a little woo woo.

But spend some time in our studios and time with our teachers and you can feel the collective strain as we lean into the end of the year.

So here’s the thing:
Yoga teachers have been showing up day after day for our community, and then going home to our families, neighborhoods, and loved ones. We don’t take our job lightly, it’s a deep responsibility and privilege to share yoga, to hold space, to create the container of practice for others; but we’re tired.
So please remember, we’re humans.

Flawed, anxious, injured, tired. Gifted, strong, resilient, and mindful.
Pull us down from your pedestals and unburden us from your expectations, and simply let us guide you.
As family, as friends, as teachers, but not as perfect, refined, flawless gurus. Let us unravel in front of you so that we can ALSO show you how to use yoga, it’s philosophies, it’s rituals, it’s practice; to re-weave the threads of your life again.

Because within our practice, all is coming.



x Kaye